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Class IX Lateral Entry Test Will Be Conducted On May 19th, 2018 At Jnv Rajsamand


Expenditure on Each Students By NVS



  • Mess expenditure   :                  @ Rs. 10800/-per student per annum.
  • Uniforms                  :                  @ Rs. 2000/-per student per annum
  • Toilet items              :                  @ Rs. 1000/-per student per annum
  • Bedding Items        :                  @ Rs. 600/-per student per annum
  • Text Books              :                  @ Rs. 400/-per student per annum


Each Student is Provided With the following items free of cost  by NVS :


1. Two pair Of Uniform


2. Black Shoes


3. White Shoes


4. Sleeper


5. Tracksuit- Blue


6. Housewise Sports Uniform


7. Bedding items


8. Daily use Items:- Toilet Soap, Washing Soap, Tooth Paste, Hair Oil, Mehandi, Face Cream, odomas, mosquito coils.


9. Stationary


Text Books and Note Books, Practical Records